Principal Investigator


Ziliang Ye

In December 2017, I joined the Department of Physics and Astronomy at UBC as an Assistant Professor. I was a postdoc with Prof. Tony Heinz in Columbia and Stanford University after the PhD study with Prof. Xiang Zhang in UC Berkeley. I earned my B.S. in physics at Fudan University, in Shanghai. My long-term interest in low-dimensional quantum materials, especially their optical properties, started from an internship in Prof. Xiaodong Cui’s group in HKU. Since then, I have published and refereed multiple papers in journals such as Nature, Science, Nature Physics, and PRL. [CV]

Graduate Students

Eddie Ji PhD yuji”at”
Dongyang Yang Master ydyang”at”
Yunhuan Xiao Master yhxiao”at”

Undergraduate Students

Amritabha Guha UBC amritmonmoy”at”
Raghav Chaturvedi IIT Delhi Raghav.Chaturvedi.ph117″at”
Vedanshi Vala UBC v.vala”at”

Former members

Sebastian Gitt Summer technician, 2018 UBC graduate school
Lianghui Peng Undergraduate intern, 2018 Yale graduate school
Haonan Zhao Undergraduate intern, 2018 U Michigan graduate school
Dong He Undergraduate intern, 2018
Stanley Lim Undergraduate intern, 2018-2019 U Ottawa graduate school
Quentin Guillet Undergraduate intern, 2019 École polytechnique
Hirsh Kamakari Undergraduate intern, 2019 Caltech graduate school
Huiwen Shen Undergraduate intern, 2019 Sustech
Wucheng Zhang Undergraduate intern, 2019 UBC